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Cultural Paths proposes to establish interregional cooperation between rural initiatives and organisations committed to the revision, revitalisation and dissemination of traditional practices, knowledge and skills through the lens of contemporary art, design and crafts across the Barents and Nordic region. 


Valuing traditional knowledge in co- existence with an awareness of contemporary trends, the network intends to broaden dialogue and active partaking engaging participants and communities through educational activities, symposiums and art programs that reflect the value of place, its heritage and wisdom.

Cultural Paths operates as a connecting nexus for the facilitation and co-development of projects between initiatives and local practitioners across borders. We want to envision regenerative mechanisms that benefit local cultural production, its communities and legacies.

Can we thread connections between local resources to strengthen  cultural resilience?


What exchanges can be made that benefit cultural production and community wellbeing while fostering environmental awareness and conviviality in these challenging times?


How can we engage with others in order to craft versions of the future that makes sense as local realities?

We welcome your ideas and contributions. Please contact us for more information!


Friends & Partners

Totto Ry

Rovaniemi. Finland

Totto Ry, was established as early as 1951 with the intention to foster the cohesiveness, wellbeing and cultural spirit of the local region. The goals of the association include the preservation and dissemination of local cultural heritage history.


Toto Ry is the body responsible for running the Heritage and Cultural museum in Pöykkölä, Rovaniemi. Presently the museum is being developed into a dynamic center for the learning and revitalisation of traditional culture. Their events and programs are generated in cooperation with local residents' and village associations, tourism guides and rural and tourism entrepreneurs.

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Venø Gård KUNST

Venøy, Norway

A platform for artists to explore, experiment and play in tandem with nature and the community. A space for dialogue and action away from mainstream culture in the small island of Venøy.


The 400 acres Farm ‘Venø Gård’ has been in the Venø family for more than 400 years. Farming on such a small scale is barely sustainable, therefore it is important to find new ways for the land to give sustenance to the community. Their answer is art, which in Norwegian meaning ‘kunst’, one can Kindle, Unite, Nurture and Stimulate Thought.

Barents Bird

Murmansk, Russia

An independent organization dedicated to support and promote cultural projects and sustainable tourism in the city of Murmansk and the rural municipalities of the region.


Barents Bird organises the Cultural Festival BARENTS BIRDS, an annual platform that provides artists and cultural practitioners from the Nordic countries to meet, exchange ideas and showcase work. 

They have also created online accelerators for artisans in rural areas, Barents Bird Academy and BB Factory as platforms to develop  sustainable initiatives that contribute to the local economies.and cultural fabric of the region.


Arkhangelsk, Russia

A cultural and touristic project in Kurostrov island, Arkhangelsk.


With the help from locals and Arkhangelsk's creative community they’ve developed a volunteer center, art residence and hold a cultural festival. A guest house and an “alive boats museum", a collection of traditional northern boats that will be

restored with the help of experienced craftsmen, is currently on the making.


The restoration of a historical windmill, a listed architectural monument is also part of the development plan of the project.

Råneå Kulturförening/The Råneå Biennale.

Norrbotten, Sweden

The Råneå biennial became an independent local response  to the international Luleå biennial in 2018 led by artist Mats Wikström. It opened the same day under the name Råneå in the world, the world in Råneå! with the intention to bring attention and a dynamic cultural life to the village. 

The headquarters, located in the center of Råneå village displayed art from Råneå based artists together with pieces from Mats Wikström's own art collection from the "Träskbrännan art museum". Since then the Råneå Kulturförening was born as an ongoing village cultural centre, encouraging locals to engage with activities such as music performances, workshops and presentations.

cultural paths ranea biennial.jpg
Art Institute

Arkhangelsk, Russia

Arctic Art Forum is a meeting place for artists, designers, architects, performers, experimental musicians in the Euro-Arctic region of Russia. 


The forum functions as a discerning window to examine local and global discourses and practices rooted within the geographical borders and perceptions of the rural domain in the circumpolar north. 

The forum is led by Arctic Art Institute, a research and project bureau started by independent artists, curators and sociologists in Murmansk in August 2014

Boats Museum

Gratangen, Norway

The Northern Norwegian Boats Museum in Gratangen has a unique collection of boats displayed indoors and in sheds. Its collection and life began 110 years ago.

Presently the museum is developing new frameworks to explore the potential of boats and the maritime environment as teaching tools for socio-cultural development. 

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Westland, Norway

An organisation on the farm Falkevik in Kinn municipality, Vestland. located on the north side of the Nordfjord. A small farm with a long history, dating way back to 1609.

Nordfjordull sells wool and leather products from its own sheep. The product is approved to use the trademark of the National Team for Old Norse Spælsau, and the royal mark of Norwegian Made, a brand for sustainable quality product made in Norway.


Seyðisfjörður. Iceland

Lunga School is an established independent artist-led institution located in the village of Seyðisfjörður. A fertile initiative where contemporary art practice amalgamates in positive synergy with village community life and culture.


Lunga is a living functioning example that makes visible how art practice within an organised educational framework brings a definitive positive impact to a remote rural location, not only by furthering its cultural life  but also widening  experiences within the rural domain in terms of creative input and outputs.

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