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Cultural paths

Crafting regenerative visions through collaboration


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The Rural Archipelago

Cultural Paths joins Venø Gård Kunst to facilitate a week of exploration with YTRE Art School at the island of Venøya, Norway.

The gathering was intended as an opportunity for the teaching staff, from Ytre School, to generate insights and new pedagogical possibilities in relation to the rural dimension. 

As part of the school's strategy, Ytre is interested to create a network of regional rural satellites/partnerships where students can immerse themselves to develop work and ideas – Venø Gård Kunst being one of them.

Ideas about landscape perception, heritage and the valuable function for art to respond to local urgencies were among the key elements explored. 

climate conference for youth

In joint collaboration with Stad municipality, Fjordane folkehøgskule  Eid VGS, and Venø Gård Kunst we co- developed and executed a compelling Climate Conference for young students under the name of Til Stades.

The event featured over 20 workshops and 8 presentations, providing a forum for youth to engage with climate-related topicsand instil a sense of environmental responsibility through the lens of the 4 sustainability pillars: Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural.

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Across Borders

Cultural Paths invites artist Krista Vaarala to expend a month developing her work in dialogue with Venø Gård Kunst, laying foundations for future collaborations while immersing herself in the sublime and stimulating surroundings of Venøya Island, Stad municipality, West coast of Norway.

Krista is writing her first novel,"The great poverty novel" which gives voice to the silenced. The novel dives deep into the roots of Sami natives who lost their land in the 1960's for the growing needs of energy in southern Finland.

Vaarala is a founding member of a local poetry and spoken word collective sanaseura and chairperson of Valsa cultural association in Rovaniemi.

Discussions & presentations at Barents Bird 

Cultural Paths joins BB Festival on a series of discussions and presentations. A diverse set of topics will be presented  in dialogue with the local creative community of the Murmansk region. Cultural Paths contributing from our own experience –  an initial period  of experimental approaches to build up the network and establish fruitful cooperation across borders. 

Discussions on the importance of AIR programs in rural areas, ways to develop integral approaches in synergy with local communities, to conversations on traditional clothing merging with contemporary fashion. 

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Maps of Meaning

Possible interpretations of the local landscape

Cultural Paths invites artist Carlos Monleon to engage with the local ecology of Rovaniemi and surrounding villages.


A first round of fieldwork and research was conducted in June 2021. An opportunity to identify the different cultural actors in the Rovaniemi area with whom to potentially collaborate on trans-disciplinary artistic projects.

Art Residency on the Tersky coast

Barents Bird Academy

A pilot programme by Barents Bird inviting artists to respond to the cultural landscape and heritage of the Tersky Coast, Murmansk, Northern Russia. 

Four artists were invited to this remote and culturally rich location to develop ideas and work together with the local community. 


Heritage Toolkit

Reinterpreting traditional working garments, knitted fabrics and textiles present in the nordic region 

A cross border collaboration between Venø Gård KUNST, Norway, and Rovaniemi Heritage Museum, Finland, inspired from traditional working clothing,  textiles and the collection of objects the museum holds. 

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Boats Museum

Regenerative Ecology  

A co-development process started with Gratangen's Boats Museum, Norway since our Symposium "Discovering Inputs".

We have been tracing possibilities and strategies for development for this rural institution. Collaborations between Cultural Paths network partners have been identified and will come to the fore as foundations get in place. 

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Totto Ry &
MTI research Institute

eCommerce strategies

for cultural tourism

Cultural Paths paired up with students from MTI – Tourism Research and Training Institute, Rovaniemi to develop an alternative case study.

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Village Symposium

The Village Symposium gathers local and regional practitioners to celebrate what is possible, share experiences and activate meaningful collaborations across the Nordic Region. ​

​Merging - Converging, the second edition, was hosted at Rovaniemi Heritage Museum on the 12th of June both physically and online.


Village Symposium

Our first Village Symposium, Discovering Inputs, was a focused group meeting with our network partners and invited practitioners.


We looked at specific merging points that could ignite meaningful collaborations according to situation, place and resource availability. From those findings a series of collaborations and projects were put forward and developed since. Some of which were presented at  Merging/Converging.

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IV Arctic 
Art Forum

Cultural Paths Development

Cultural Paths joins Arctic Art Forum. We presented personal journeys and motivations behind our practices & projects together with our network partners, Barents Bird ( Murmansk),

Rovdina Gora (Arkhangelsk) & artist Carlos Monleon.

Sustainable development of Nordic territories

Barents Bird festival 

Cultural Paths team participated  with presentations and  open discussions with cultural experts from the Barents region. Exploring possible routes for local regional development using art and culture as the driving force, we presented CP's strategies and ways of working within our peers, our long term vision and possible future. 

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