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Gratangen Boats Museum 1.jpg

New visions 

There is an increasing interest among young people to get involved in heritage protection and promotion, recognising that heritage does not only belong to the past, but is also part of their identity. Transmitting heritage values to young people favours intercultural understanding and respect for cultural diversity.


Crafting a cultural ecology where the transactions between people, the material and the resources of the territory they inhabit is the primary focus; lifestyles, beliefs, ideas and aspirations.Making is seen as being in simbiosis with its situated environment.

Boat building traditions relate directly to cultural elements of a society. Not only do they help us to understand more deeply the reasons for technological changes or choices, but can also show how the story of the boat can mirror history, social change and organization, beliefs or customs.

A series of cultural and educational projects and programmes will be deployed in 2022. Stay Tuned!

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